The Young Flute Player - Book 3 Teacher's Piano Accompaniment

The Young Flute Player - Book 3 Teacher's Piano Accompaniment

The Young Flute Player - Book 5 Intermediate Duets & Trios

The Young Flute Player - Book 5 Intermediate Duets & Trios

The Young Flute Player - Book 4 Beginner Duets & Trios

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Selection of duets and trios with optional piano accompaniment from beginner to Preliminary level. Includes colour-coded parts for easy reading.

Young players who are just starting to read music can find it very difficult to follow a duet or trio. This book solves the problem with colour coded music, making it easy for beginners to follow their ensemble part.

Students only need to know 4 or 5 notes to start playing the first duets in this book, which covers Beginner and Preliminary levels.

The music spans a wide range of composers, as well as traditional tunes from around the world. There is a selection of festive music, a section of rounds (3-part, 4-part, 8-part), plus there are warm up exercises, each focusing on one aspect of ensemble technique.

The arrangements work well with anything from two players up to a large flute choir/ensemble. Many pieces offer maximum flexibility as they can be played as a trio; OR the blue and red parts are harmonically complete to be played as a duet; OR there are also optional piano parts for some pieces, to be found in Book 3 (accompaniments).

There are free recordings of all the duets and trios on The Young Flute Player YouTube channel. These videos can be adjusted to any speed, so are great for students to practise their part at home.

This ensemble book can be used either independently, or in conjunction with the tutor/method books in The Young Flute Player series.


  • Beginner-Preliminary level
  • 32 pages
  • 29 duets and trios
  • 8 warm-up exercises
  • 9 rounds
  • Keys up to one sharp or flat
  • Time signatures: 2/4, 3/4, 4/4, C, 6/8, 2/2
  • Pitch range from Middle C, to A above staff (Note- Middle C is optional – students are given the choice of an alternate note). The first 9 duets have a five-note range only.
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Series The Young Flute Player
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Pages 32 Pages
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Publisher Allegro Publishing

Table of Contents

Warm Up Exercises

  1. Exercises 1-6
  2. Exercises 7-8

Duet & Trios

  1. In the Moonlight 
  2. Song of the Night 
  3. Lightly Row 
  4. Pease Pudding Hot!
  5. Go Tell Aunt Rhody 
  6. Celtic Melody 
  7. Elizabethan Song
  8. Song of Joy 
  9. Dance 
  10. Twinkle Twinkle 
  11. French Folk Song 
  12. Welsh Song 
  13. Can Can 
  14. Hickory Dickory Dock 
  15. Ho-La-Hi 
  16. Country Gardens 
  17. Rigaudon 
  18. The British Grenadiers 
  19. Botany Bay 
  20. Allegro 
  21. Harp of Tara
  22. Eine Kleine Nachtmusik 
  23. March from Scipio

Festive Music

  1. Jingle Bells 
  2. PolishCarol 
  3. O Come All Ye Faithful 
  4. Swedish Christmas Eve 
  5. Hanukkah 
  6. We Wish You A Merry Christmas 


  1. The Leaves 
  2. White Sand 
  3. Morning is Come 
  4. Row Your Boat 
  5. Never Mind It!
  6. French Round 
  7. Ah, Poor Bird 
  8. Tallis' Canon
  9. Challenge Round: Frère Jacques with Three
  10. Blind Mice 
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